Fashionable París

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Coco Chanel

As we emerged from the Eurostar tunnel that had been my home for the past two hours, the darkness gave way to a picture full of wonder and romance. The clear sky, lit up with the warm glow of the city lights, only increased my excitement for the Parisian journey ahead of me.
 Arriving in Paris, I was immediately met with bustling streets and the clinking of coffee cups which gave me a sense of such purpose. I quickly launched myself into the Parisian way of life, first by perching myself at a fantastically placed café, Le Métro, right on the corner of a very busy cross roads, just by Boulevard Saint Germain.
A view from a Parisian cafe
This was ideal for absorbing all my new surroundings. People-watching is one of my most favourite pastimes along with (and most importantly) fashion-watching.


I couldn’t help being struck by the women of this city; business women, mothers, daughters, waitresses, women from all walks of life, but there was one thing they all had in common. Class.
I observed women from all age groups, all holding themselves with such dignity and distinction that even the most disheveled cardigan looked well placed and deliberately elegant. Something which I particularly remarked upon was the way in which the French women walked. They seemed so poised, so full of graceful confidence.
 This, in turn, made the clothes they wore behave quite faultlessly.  They weren’t just wearing them, they were presenting them. Handbags, for example, were carried with such natural finesse. I did not see a wearer that looked uncomfortable or indiscreet.
As I sat there drinking my coffee and noting my surroundings, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I was back on the train and making my way home again. But I had so much to fit into my short visit starting with sampling the fashions first hand in the wonderfully inspiring La Vallée Village.
Street Style: February 26 - Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016/17
There I perused the rails of Gérard Darel and searched for a pair of killer heels in Robert Clergerie – I felt I deserved a bit of retail therapy. After all, I had just spent the last few hours admiring it, now it was time to go out and live it.

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