A Letter from the Past

5th May 1966

What is my ideal husband?
Well, he’s person whom I can trust, love and respect. I believe without these feelings a marriage cannot exist. Supposing I had to question everything he did then the strain of uncertainty all the time must, I would think, be unbearable. Meaning if you are not able to trust the person you love then the feeling of uncertainty causes a relationship to fall apart. So therefore I think a marriage cannot survive without these two major aspects, trust and love.

He also has to be a person with ambition, and who is not just content to sit around and watch the world go by. Somebody who has a tendency for making things for a home.
Having these qualities he must also have a fairly good position in life. In my opinion if he has a good situation it means that he has the ambition to get where he is and without his hard work he would probably still be in his original position.

Also of course I must find him interesting because if he wasn’t I would become bored and after a while our relationship would deteriorate. Eventually it would come to the point of just putting up with one another. So, therefore I believe two people must be different to make a marriage work.



Would I marry a millionaire? A question girls are often asked. Well, for one reason I probably will never come into contact with such a person because his circle of friends would be very different compared with mine.

Also I wouldn’t really like to marry such a person owing to the fact that he had so much money he didn’t know what to do with it. My being his wife would mean, I could have anything I wanted and so I do not think I would find any pleasure in buying things, because I know I can have clothes etc if I wanted them.

Now, if two people have to work a while before they can get a certain object then I think these people will find more pleasure and enjoyment in buying it. The reason being they have accomplished something together and so appreciate the article a lot more.


Really I suppose about whom I have been talking, stands for the concept “security”, which is something I need to have in life. I am a person who has to have somebody I can rely on.
Some people can go through life being their own master, such as what is known as a career woman, she makes her own decisions and can go through life on her own.
Whereas I need a partner to go through life with.



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